The entry-level model with comfort

If your desire is to enjoy the pure, refreshed and revitalised feeling of cleanliness that comes with a B-Clean shower toilet seat, then choose the AXENT.ELI for your bathroom refurbishment.

Featuring an enclosed seat and classic curves, the AXENT.ELI can be installed on top of a wide range of WC designs, so you don’t have to change your existing bathroom furniture to enjoy the benefits of a B-Clean shower toilet seat.

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Once the integrated shower toilet seat sensor recognises that you are seated, the automated deodoriser activates. Utilising an activated carbon filter, the deodoriser neutralises odours rapidly, enhacing your experience and improving your overall wellbeing.

Warm Air Dryer

Use the remote control to adjust the temperature of the warm air dryer. The resulting gentle airflow across your skin leaves you feeling clean, fresh and dry.

Seat Heating

To maximise your comfort as the seasons change, the seat includes adjustable heating that can be set to your individual needs. An integrated sensor detects your presence on the seat and, if set to heat, starts to warm immediately.

Massage Functions

The oscillating shower spray, with rear and feminine wash, provides a thorough, comfortable clean. You can adjust the position and water temperature easily, and the gentle spray is both pleasant and soothing.