Extra comfort throughout the day

For those who are keen to make the most of this relaxing experience, the AXENT.ONE Plus provides features in addition to the shower spray. When you sit on the toilet seat, the automatic odour extractor is activated to produce a pleasant fragrance and the seat is warmed to your specification. Once the shower flow stops, warm air is released to dry you. All of these functions can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

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Wash Function

A strong but gentle water spray washes you while you are seated on the toilet. The temperature and intensity of the spray can be adjusted easily at the touch of a button.


AXENT.ONE is equipped with a nozzle that is cleaned automatically with fresh water before and after every use, for a more hygienic experience.

Water Temperature

For water temperature adjustment - simply pull out the multifunction knob, turn it and wait for two 'beeps' to sound.

Rimless Bowl

The rimless design and stain-resistant surface make the AXENT.ONE easy to clean.

Warm Air Dryer Function

Use the remote control to adjust the temperature of the warm air dryer. The resulting gentle airflow across your skin leaves you feeling clean, fresh and dry.


Once the sensor in the shower toilet seat recognises that you are sitting down the automated deodoriser activates. Utilising the latest diatomite filtration technology, the deodoriser neutralises odours rapidly, enhancing your experience and improving your overall wellbeing.

Seat Heating

To maximise your comfort as the seasons change, the seat includes adjustable heating that can be set to your individual needs. An integrated sensor detects your presence on the seat and, if set to heat, starts to warm immediately.

Massage functions

The oscillating shower spray, with rear and feminine wash, provides a thorough, comfortable clean. You can adjust the position and water temperature easily, and the soothing spray is both pleasant and soothing.