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The AXENT.ONE looks like a standard flushing toilet, with a compact design suitable for any home. Cleverly, it uses the same amount of water as a modern low-flush toilet, so it is kinder to the environment and your water bill too. For a hygienic experience, it comes with a stain-resistant surface and a rimless pan, making it easier to keep clean. With AXENT.ONE, everything is minimalised to perfection. No frills, no fuss, just simplicity.

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Wash Function

A strong but gentle water spray washes you while you are seated on the toilet. The temperature and intensity of the spray can be adjusted easily at the touch of a button.


AXENT.ONE is equipped with a nozzle that is cleaned automatically with fresh water before and after every use, for a more hygienic experience.

Water Temperature

For water temperature adjustment - simply pull out the multifunction knob, turn it and wait for two 'beeps' to sound.

Rimless Bowl

The rimless design and stain-resistant surface make the AXENT.ONE easy to clean.