More than meets the eye

Nothing is as hygienic as cleaning with water. Water transforms us. It gives us a sense of vitality and vigor. It has the power to heal, restore and rejuvenate. We shower in the morning, bath at night and wash our hands in between. Feeling clean is a part of our lives and is almost as natural as breathing itself.

But what about our toilet hygiene? Introducing the AXENT.ONE shower toilet collection.

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Minimised to


Design is not just about what looks good. Design needs to perform, convert, astonish, and fulfil its purpose. It might be innovative, or it might simply get the job done. We believe in the principle of delivering simplicity through complexity. Perfection is not having nothing more to add, but having nothing more you can take away.

AXENT.ONE is a new generation shower toilet with a series of exceptional functions.

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Thinking beyond technology

AXENT.ONE is more than the sum of its parts. Elaborate wash functions, self-cleaning applications, water temperature adjustments, easy clean ceramics, warm air dryer, deodorizer, seat heating, massage functions and many other features serve one objective: Customer satisfaction. We know, feeling good feels great.

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Many features

one control

True icons never set out to be iconic. They just are. This award-winning shower toilet brings style to your bathroom. A single control regulates the position and flow of the shower spray, as well as the water temperature. Located discreetly to the right of the toilet bowl, this control is as easy to use as the crown on a Swiss timepiece.

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Clean by design

AXENT.ONE redefines modern toilet hygiene and transforms a bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury. The stain-resistant surface and the rimless profile help eliminate bacteria, making it easier to keep everything clean. The toilet lid and cover, if heavily soiled, can easily be removed, cleaned and remounted.

AXENT’s compact design means that the shower toilet will fit into just about any household setting. It also hides unsightly plumbing and helps reduce water consumption. Cleverly, it uses about the same amount of water as a modern low-flush toilet, so it is not only kind to the environment, but also helps reduce your water bill.

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Intelligent technology

at your fingertips

The AXENT Smart Control app can control any AXENT.ONE shower toilet. Use Bluetooth to automatically connect your mobile device to your AXENT.ONE shower toilet and use it like a remote control - it only takes a touch of your finger. Working like any remote control, the app allows you to access every function of the shower toilet without touching it. Any Bluetooth-compatible Android or Apple iOS device can install and use the AXENT Smart Control app. You can edit and save your settings and even control your toilet remotely.